Have you met Jack?

In the glass this Sonoma Mountain Zinfandel shows a rusty purple center with pink rose petal edges.  On the nose I get an onslaught of strawberry preserves that lead the way to fresh pine shavings.  The more I sniff this wine, the more I wood I get; which I kind of dig!  On the front of my tongue I get tart cherry that turns into dark cherry by the time it hits mid-palate before showing dried cocoa powder on an abrupt finish.  A second taste brings out some blackberry notes with the same dried cocoa finish that doesn’t hang around for long (did I mention the finish is abrupt).  I don’t hate this Zin but I’m not in love with it either… It’s good, not great.

This wine is not going to offend anyone.  That said, this wine is also not going to knock anyone out of their shoes; it’s a safe bet.  It’s a safe bet like trying to sell a pair of Widespread Panic tickets to a hippie.  It’s a safe bet like offering an IPA to a millennial at an Electronic Dance Music festival.  It’s a safe bet like taking a redneck hand fishing.  Simply put, this wine is easy.

Ain’t life grand…….

2013 Kenwood “Jack London Vineyard” – Zinfandel – Sonoma Mountain CA

14.5 abv


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