Buzzzzzy bee

Staining purple in the glass with a dark brick edge this wine just looks dense.  On the nose I get ripe blueberry notes before rick-house oak takes over.  In the interest of being candid, my first drink reveals little more than silky tannin as I was unprepared for how tight it would be out of the bottle.  I should have aggressively dumped this son of a gun in a decanter to open it up.  I took this wine for-granted as it already spent a couple of years in the cellar and I figured what the heck; it ought to be drinking pretty well after 4 years…  I chew on my second taste a bit more and find some cherry cola that develops into dark chocolate covered blueberries.  The finish hangs on with what you’d expect out of a Napa cab, more dark chocolate and a bit of espresso.  This is a solid, mid-level Napa Valley Cab that needs another 5 years in the bottle… I’m glad I’ve got a couple more in the cellar!

Some things get better with age and it pays to be patient.

Does a new haircut ever look as good fresh out of the barber shop chair as it does 3 days later? No, most of the time you look like one of the 3 stooges…

Does a new pair of new jeans fit as nice off the rack as it does after a couple years of wear and tear? Not even close, those suckers have got to go through some life experiences with you before they fit right…

Does your favorite bourbon taste as good off the still as it does after 18 years in barrel? Hell no, that stuff is fire-water…

Be patient on this wine and let it continue to find itself, you’ll thank me later.

2013 Honig Cabernet Sauvignon – Napa Valley CA

14.5 abv

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