Keeping it foxy in the SBC

Foxen Vineyards… This is a winery in Santa Barbara County that I have become relatively familiar with.  Dick Dore and Bill Wathen founded Foxen back in 85 and have never looked back.  After 32 years, Dick and Bill are still fully engulfed in the Foxen name; Dave growing and making wine while Dick sells it.  I have had several vintages of the winery’s Pinots, all killer by the way; but have yet to have the opportunity to try any other varietals out of Foxen.  When I happened upon this Cabernet I thought to myself, why not? – these guys haven’t disappointed me yet…  I know what they can do with Pinot, let’s see what they do with Happy Canyon Cab.

In the glass the wine has a dark purple center with pretty – garnet edges.  My first sniff is ALL sweet oak but as I smell more I get cassis, notes of green pepper, and a lil’ earthy funk (which I love).

Enough talk, time to taste….

My first drink starts with dark fruit that leads toward blackberry, raspberry, and white pepper notes – hello beautiful…. Mid palate is all earthy herb that heads directly into dark chocolate.  The dark chocolate continues on the finish but is balanced out by some fine tannin that lingers making me want another sip.

The only problem with this wine is that I can’t stop drinking it…  This is a Happy Canyon SBC Cab that makes me happy…………….. VERY happy.

2013 Foxen Cabernet “Grassini Family Vineyard” – Santa Barbara CA



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