…and Mr. Pink

First off, let us address the name – And why am I Mr. Pink. I haven’t seen the movie in like 20 years but yes, this wine is named after a line from Reservoir Dogs. Why? not sure, but who in the hell cares because the color on this Washington state rose’ is sexy as all get out. Pale pink with a copper hue, this thing just looks like summer…

Twist, twist, twist, crack…. Seconds after the screw cap on this sucker was popped, strawberries and watermelon come rushing toward my nose at speeds well over the posted limit. Ever sat on a patio downwind of a freshly sliced fruit plate? It’s that on the nose and holy smokes is it glorious….

My first sip —– oh good night, who am I kidding this is not a sipping wine; it’s built for crushing! As I gulp this porch-pounder, the strawberries that dominated my nose show through onto my tongue. There is a pleasing tartness mid-palate that finishes with a balance of acid which BEGS for another gulp. The 100% Sangiovese gives this wine a ton of summer fruit but also adds a bright characteristic that makes it hard to not kill the entire bottle in about 15 minutes.

I dig.

2016 Underground Wine Project “And why am I Mr. Pink” – Columbia Valley WA


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