Cotes du one-note

In the glass this Syrah/Grenache blend with a splash of Tempranillo is purple. Its got a purple core with purple edges and a purple hue to the legs that hang onto the glass after a haphazard swirl.

The nose on the wine is dark fruit and oak. It’s not bad – but nothing to write home about either. It sits in the middle of a dark back road without a shoulder for your beat up Hyundai to break down on. Luckily there is no traffic.

When I drank my first sip, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to pull out what I was tasting. I sipped, swished, swallowed, and thought. There was some dark fruit there but it certainly wasn’t black. There were bright notes but definitely no acid. This thing was so damn simple on the palate but for some reason I just sat there like a Neanderthal, racking my brain. It was then that I walked into the family room and tasted Katelyn on it blind. Before the wine even hit her throat, my love, without thought uttered a single word – “Blueberries.”


I didn’t even ask her what she was tasting but she was right, this thing is straight blueberries… Red faced I asked what else she got to which she responded… “nothin.” My girl has always had ridiculous palate and she, without trying; hit it again. The 2016 Morgan- Cotes du Crow’s is STRAIGHT BLUEBERRIES. Nothing more, nothing less, just blueberries. It’s 1 note but that’s okay…..

After all, Bob Dylan wrote Mr. Tambourine Man with just 3 chords and it hung in there for a couple of years.

2016 Morgan “Cotes du Crow’s” – Monterey CA

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