Date wine.

In the glass this Cab out of Paso Robles is staining…. Think smashed blackberry against a white table cloth. Never-mind what the strung out Oxy Clean guy tries to sell you at 3 o’clock in the morning, there isn’t a product on the planet that is going to be able to save your shirt after a stain from this juice.

The nose starts as sweet perfume misted on an oak barrel. As I keep huffing, I get an old rickhouse must that keeps me inhaling until I’m dizzy.

In the mouth my first pull-away is a smoked date… Odd as hell, I know – but there is a presence of candied fruit with a touch of smoke that seems to spring out of this wine at first taste. It doesn’t take long for the candied beginning to open into a coating mid palate of black cherry, raspberry, and more of that oak I got on the nose. All of this is wrapped into an intense dark chocolate finish. Nothing to really geek out over but this folks, is a pretty tasty little cab…..

Oh, and did I mention you can pick her up for under 20 bucks?

2015 Vina Robles “Estate Cabernet” – Paso Robles CA

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