Sang me a song


So… I’ve had a ’12 Sangiovese from Imagery out of Sonoma in the basement for several years now. Honestly it was one of those bottles in the cellar that I’d forgotten about. Last night, I needed something with acid to pair with red sauce so this guy fit the bill.

With a touch of reluctance as this WAS a 6 year old Sang. that I knew NOTHING about – I popped and poured.

In the glass – I was immediately questioning where my light, bricking, acid driven wine was. The juice showed a DEEP garnet center with mellowing but still dark edges.

The nose showed an initial hint of hot alcohol that led towards blueberries, road side wild flowers, and sandalwood. The more I sniffed, the more that sandalwood filled my nose.

My first sip started with a punch of dark fruit that knocked me back onto the couch. Don’t get me wrong, there was structure here – but this thing was miles away from that racy, possibly over the hill Sang. that I’d expected.

Where was the acid-zing that I expected from this bottle???? No clue, but it wasn’t there….

The mid palate was sweet cherry and citrus that took loaded up and took a road trip towards an anise finish that hung on for DAAAAZE….

This most certainly was not the wine that I had expected when I pulled it from the cellar but WHO CARES, it was damn good nonetheless.

2012 Imagery “Sangiovese”Sonoma CA

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