…and the livin’s easy

Last Summer Wine is a brand driven by Jenifer Bartz specializing in Grenache sourced off of the Central Coast. For all intensive purposes, Jen is a free-spirit who lives life for her next adventure. Think hippy chick meets entrepreneur meets thrill seeker meets winemaker meets outdoorswoman meets sommelier meets spiritual guide meets Kauai resident and you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on this gal…

In the glass, the Grenache is translucent cherry red with a watered out–skirt.

On the nose, the wine has serious personality. I BS you not – I took an initial sniff, formulated some thoughts, set my glass down to take the bottle pic, sniffed again – and the ENTIRE NOSE HAD CHANGED…….. loads of pepper up front quickly fade into a raspberry field under the hot sun. Broadly speaking, the nose is bright, tart, and begs for warm weather…

The palate starts with an effervescent strawberry blast that opens up to a mid palate of cranberry and lemon-zest with a finish of black cherry. Post drink, my tongue continues to hang onto a bright tannin with a black raspberry-tea kicker.

There are a shitload of wineries making Grenache out of the Central Coast right now, but not many are making it like this….

2015 Last Summer Grenache – Central Coast CA


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