It’s all about whatZINside

The glass is dark grape jam in the middle with lightening edges, surrounded by a thin translucent hula hoop.

The nose is sweet oak, smashed blueberries, and just a little bit of heat… it smells warm, not hot….

My initial sip is bright, tart, strawberry jam… The tarty, jammy notes fade mid-palate at which point something a bit darker begins to take hold. Without much notice there are notes of blackberries and black cherries…. An aggressive chew on the juice cuts through the dark components and the wine somehow reverts back to something a bit more refined. The finish is another touch of jam, oak, and acid that is held together with soft tannins….

This thing starts bright, fades to black, and finishes with a sort of buttoned-up refinement…

2016 Seghesio “Sonoma Zinfandel” Sonoma CA

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