Mr. Jones and me…

Andrew Jones started his first label, Field Recordings back in 2007. This is a guy who not only makes kick-ass wine, but does so while having fun. If you ever find yourself in the Tin City area of Paso Robles, don’t be alarmed if you see a Titleist go screaming past your car – just find out where it came from and head in that direction for some tasting because it’s likely Mr. Jones getting some swings in. Andrew’s career as a nursery vine grower has allowed him access to some of the best vineyards on the Central Coast. With this access, he’s forged relationships and been able to source some of the most sought after grapes in the area. In addition to Field Recordings, Andrew has created 3 other qlabels – Wonderwall, Alloy Wine Works, and Fiction. Today we drink Wonderwall ——–>

In the glass, this Edna Valley Pinot shows a dark purple center fading towards ruby on the outskirts with bricking edges.

My first sniff is straight up black cherries. As I keep smelling I can pull out a sort of earthiness that I dig that actually colludes well with the dark cherries…

In the mouth, I’m pummeled by the black cherries that I got on the nose. As I chew, chew, chew – I get red raspberries and candied cranberries. The mouthfeel is soft and ABSOLUTELY beautiful…. There is a sort of cola thing that pops up mid palate before the raspberries and cranberries drive the finish into a long, clean ending…

This thing is a solid freaking buy. It’d be a buy at 40 bucks and at just under 20 —-> Get real…………..

2016 Field Recordings “Wonderwall Pinot Noir” Edna Valley

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