Whole Latta Wash.

The core on this GSM out of Washington is dark ruby. The dark center makes way for edges that mellow out with a pinkish hue that surrounds itself with clean edges.

The nose is beautiful. Out of the gate it’s woody as hell, but there is so much more…. A deep inhale brings bright cherry notes with dusty blue fruit that ABSOLUTELY destroys any sort of patience I had for my first sip.

When I finally dive in, the beginning is loaded with bing cherry. The mid palate emphasizes the Syrah with a sort of meaty-funk that somehow melds nicely into that sweet blue fruit that I got on the nose. The finish is earthy….. It’s dusty and dirty yet delicious black fruit.

A decent buy for under 30 bucks, this thing doesn’t beg for food as it KILLS it in its own!

2013 Latta Wines “Latta Latta GSM” Columbia Valley WA


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