BoRing Cohn….

In the glass this Cab off of Cali’s North Coast shows a medium-purple, thick core that surrounds itself by a dark pink hallow.

When I give this wine a first sniff, there isn’t much there…. after I take a step back and shove my nose in the glass for another smell, I eventually get some dried floral notes with blackcurrant.

At first taste, I get some black cherry that takes an uneventful journey towards watered down berries and vanilla. Unfortunately, the berries are non-descript and kind of muted by this wines anticlimactic, watered down personality… There’s dark chocolate somewhere in there towards the end but it doesn’t compliment anything. This is kind of a boring mess…

I understand that this is BR Cohn’s Silver Label – the more affordable value wine that they offer to the masses…. But that’s really not an excuse. While it sits in the 20 – 25 dollar range, I can point you towards some better reds for half the price. Stick with me folks and I’ll show you some GEMS!

This one just isn’t my jam y’all…

2016 BR Cohn “Silver Label Cabernet Sauvignon” North Coast CA

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