Frank Under Wood

In the glass, this Carneros Chardonnay shows a beautiful yellow straw center with transparent edges…

When I stick my nose in the glass, I don’t even have to inhale to get a quaff or sweet oak. As I dig for more, there is a nice green apple note with hint of pear….

When I dive in and give this thing a taste, it is refreshing lemongrass up front that leads into the green apples that I got on the nose with a sort of lemony tart kick. The finish morphs all of the acid and tart into a creamy-oaky ending.

Don’t get me wrong, the oak on this Chard isn’t the obnoxious/fake/flabby oak that you’ve the misfortune of slugging down at your corporate Christmas party, but rather something a bit more subtle and pretty….

Drink this thing by itself, on the deck, with your feet on the table. Don’t overthink it, just drink it.

2015 Frank Family Vineyards “Carneros Chardonnay” Napa Valley CA

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