Not a Buy-Sexual Chocolate

In the glass, this Syrah/Malbec blend out of vineyards across California has a super dark center that eventually shows a magenta halo.

The nose is sweet… when I work to figure out what the sweet notes are: I find some brown sugar, mollasses, and cola.

Up front, the palate is prunes and raisins. A swish in the mouth causes the wine to brighten up for a split second into cranberries and bing cherries…. Just when I feel a hint of relief and think that this thing is headed towards some mechanism of structure – SPLAT…. it’s right back to the syrupy sweetness of over-ripe fruit, raisins, and milk chocolate with zero tannin or acid………..

Sexual Chocolate is a haphazard mess. I’m not convinced that they are even trying with this wine…. Needless to say – not a buy folks, not a buy…..

2015 SLO Down Wines “Sexual Chocolate” CA

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