Market Timing.

Market Vineyards is a small winery out of Washington State. These guys source fruit from both Columbia Valley and Red Mountain and DAMN if they aren’t making some killer wines!

In the glass, the Red Mountain Merlot has a deep purple center that gives way to a brickish red halo with thin watery edges….

When I stick my nose in the glass, I am sucker-punched by dusty oak and caramel. As I keep sniffing there are loads of black fruit and a sort of spicy note that holds it all together.

Upfront, the wine is STRAIGHT blackberries and dark chocolate. When I give the wine a swish ~ it opens to a mid-palate of red currant and cranberries. The mouthfeel on this little guy is SEXY as all get out with silky, mouth-coating tannins. The finish is looooooong and ends with blueberries and oak……..

This is undoubtedly one of the better Merlots that I have had in recent memory ——–> You NEED to get your hands on some IMMEDIATELY!!!!

***Disclaimer – This wine is wine club only…. That said, WHO CARES!?!?! Join now as all of their wines are off the charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

2012 Market Vineyards “Alpha Merlot” Red Mountain WA

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