VEED-iculous Cab

In the glass, this Napa Cab has a DARK purple center with thin-bricking edges and no translucency….

On the nose: I’m hit with dark fruit, mocha, and cedar box….

Time to DRINK and when I do😍😍😍DAMN……

This wine is juicy ++++++++ yet grippy……

It’s opened up ++++++++ but it still holds holds my attention……

Early in the mouth there are red raspberries and plums with just a lil green pepper note. The mid-palate takes a turn towards figs and tobacco……. By the time I chew through the wine and get to the ending, I go toe to toe with anise and cedar which is held together beautifully by a rich but grippy tannin structure…….

This wine, ladies and gentlemen 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷is what NAPA CAB SHOULD BE!

There are so many shitty, ultra-premium, overpriced Napa Cabs on the market right now it will make your head spin… the fact that Veeter is able to put this offering out – with a middle of the road price tag – is ASTONISHING.

Pick up a few bottles of the 15′ vintage, lay ’em down in the cellar, and crack them in 2021!!!!!

2012 Mount Veeder “Cabernet Sauvignon” Napa CA

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