Holy Halcon!

Located in the Yorkville Highlands, Halcon Vineyards sit at an elevation of 2,500 feet making it one of the highest growing spots in California. The site overlooks both the Anderson Valley and the Pacific Ocean and DAMNIT is it gorgeous… The vineyards share many of the same soil and climate characteristics of those in Northern Rhône making it IDEAL for premium grape growing!

In the glass, this Grenache driven blend has a dark plummy center with rusted out edges that give way to a thin clear halo…

When I dig in and give the wine a sniff —> I get red liquorish, a beautiful floral note, and an obvious saltwater-coastal influence that is TO DIE FOR….

In the mouth the wine starts out with loads of red raspberries and maraschino cherries. The mid-palate is all kinds of blue fruit with some salinity, slate, and earthiness. When I close my eyes and give the wine a swish, I can literally taste the oceanic breeze that cooled down the vineyards and left behind just a bit of salt on the grapes 😍🌊😍🌊😍 The finish is grippy and looooong… AMAZING!

This is more than just wine, it is an experience. Everything about this stuff is SPOT ON and at $32 bucks a bottle, you had better go online and order as much as you can RIGHT NOW!

With wines EASILY worth double the price-tag, Halcon is only going to keep selling out so I’d recommending joining the mailing list to ensure your allocation…

2016 Halcon ‘Esquisto GMS’ Yorkville Highlands CA


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