On The Rocks…

Saviah Cellars is a Walla Walla winery located in The Rocks District sub-AVA… Do yourself a favor and google image ‘Rocks District’ as these vineyards are a bad ass site-to-see! Vines in TRD are planted in soils rich with baseball size cobblestone rock that covers the ground. Because of of the amount of minerality that surrounds the plants, wines from The Rocks District display some of the most distinctive examples of PLACE in the USofA!

In the glass —-> This Bordeaux style blend shows a dark purple center with electric edges that fade into a thin translucent halo…

The nose on this bad boy is loaded with perfumy flowers, raspberries, and a touch of dried leather…

When I give the wine a taste, I’m floored by the super-silky texture. This guy starts with black cherries and cola and has a mid-palate of vanilla, black fruit, and Hersey’s syrup🍫🍫🍫The finish is held together nicely by coating tannins and a chocolate covered raspberry note that hangs onnnnnnnnnn for a while……

This is my first experience with Saviah Cellars and SO FAR, SOOOO GOOD!!! If you like a red with mouth coating structure, dark fruit flavors, and even a chocolate kick —–> Give this wine a GO!

2015 Saviah Cellars “Une Vallee Blend” Walla Walla WA


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