Say SURE to Big Sur!

Big Sur Vineyards is located in Monterey on a small parcel of land overlooking the Big Sur Coast. With the Ventana Wilderness on one side and the coast on the other, this vineyard is a place of pure, unadulterated beauty…. In 2016,the Soberanes fire ripped through the the area burning 57 homes, over 132k acres of land, and unfortunately wiping out Big Sur Vineyards of all vegetation… While the vineyard was a total loss, the good folks who own of BSV did not let their spirits waver and with true grit and determination, now plan to replant and rebuild!

In the glass, this Pinot out of Monterey CA shows a dark garnet center that bleeds into a rose-petal surrounding.

When I give the wine a sniff I am hit with bing cherries, candied fruit, and black raspberries galore….

My first taste starts out DARK ————-> It doesn’t take long tho for the dark fruit to open into a rich mouthfeel led by bright cherry acid…. The mid-palate shows a bit of anise with blackberries and there is a surprising 😲😲😲 silky tannin on the finish that hangs out on my tongue waiting for my best sip…..

This bad boy is DELICIOUS y’all!

Think big bold fruit with a refined structure and BAM 💥💥💥 you’ve got the 13′ Big Sur Pinot Noir… It’s definitely a BUY folks, hit up the website below to order yours!!!!!

2013 Big Sur Vineyards “Pinot Noir” Monterey CA

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