Such great heights

Andrew and Kathleen Tow started out innocently enough… Making just a couple barrels of wine, the Tows were only looking to make enough vino to proudly pour for their friends and family. This small-scale operation proved to be a HUGE crowd pleaser and it didn’t take long before a wine label was created and The Withers Winery became a reality….

Have I mentioned the fact that the winery is named after the highest point on a horse, the withers???? Why, you ask??? Because Andrew and Kathleen are always striving for heights in every aspect of their winemaking operation…. NICE!

In the glass, this Mourvèdre and Grenache Rose’ out of El Dorado County shows a gorgeous pink-salmon color….

When I give the wine a sniff, I’m hit with summer fruit and a lemongrass herbaceous note that gives the nose SEVERAL layers… I could keep huffing this wine all afternoon but I prolly ought to give it a taste.

On the palate there are LOADS of bright cherries and a touch of orange zest…. A second drink unleashed some peach and watermelon ——-> After a chew on the wine I get to a finish that is bone dry lemon-citrus which hangs on for daaaaaays….

Guys – this Rose’ is crisp, bright, fruity, and refreshing as hell… The only thing wrong with this thing is the fact that I don’t have another bottle ——-> paging Mr. Tow……… Seriously y’all, you need this Rose in your glass all summer long!

2017 The Withers Winery “Rose’ ” El Dorado CA

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