A Nabor I’d leave my house keys with

Dusty Nabor and Karin Langer created Dusty Nabor Wines just a couple of years ago. Born out of their dedication to produce site specific, terroir driven wines ——-> The duo started DNW with the ideology that every wine should have a story to tell…. From how the grapes were grown to when they were picked to how they were treated during crush and fermentation, the aim of DNW is to let the wines tell the story of how they ended up in your glass…

In the glass, this Viognier from Ballard Canyon is yellow straw all the way through. A bit on the hazy side, there is no light cutting through this wine….

A sniff brings out notes of lemon merengue, tropical fruit, and honeysuckle…. As the wine begins to warm, the nose on this thing is a meal in itself! Damn……

On the palate ——–> There is a HUGE coating mouthfeel… The beginning of this bad boy is straight up pineapple with peaches & cream. A chew brings a bright green-apple note to the mid-palate with a looooooong finish of honeydew and even more of that tropical fruit….


Folks, when this Viognier was bottled – it almost didn’t get released… While the wine tasted great, Dusty and Karen just couldn’t get past the wine’s hazy appearance. I’m not sure what made them change their minds on this but I AM GLAD THAT THEY DID!!!!

I’m a glutton for Viognier and I’m not BS’ing y’all when I tell you that this is one of the best that I’ve had in a VERY LONG TIME!!!!!! Dusty Nabor Wines are allocation only at this point so get your asses over to their website and sign up NOW!

2017 Dusty Nabor “The Florist Viognier” Ballard Canyon CA


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