When life gives you lemons… make wine

Theodora Lee is quite the woman…. A Texas native, Lee now lives in California and works as a trial lawyer defending employers who are tied up in employment litigation. In 2001, Theo purchased a relatively small lot of land in the Yorkville Highlands AVA and in 2003 – she planted 5 acres of Petite Sirah.

Initially growing and selling her fruit to other vintners, in 2012 Theo was confronted with a pivotal moment when her grapes were picked and her buyer had unexpectedly bailed….. With only 24 hours to find a crush facility to have her wine made, Theo pulled some strings and somehow got it done. Turning a terrible situation into something great, Theo’s inaugural ’12 vintage of Petite Sirah took wine competitions by storm winning a gold medal at one and a double gold at another! From that, Theopolis Wines were born……

In the glass, this Petite Sirah out of the Yorkville Highlands has a DARK black center with electric purple edges…..

On the nose there is a really nice sandalwood note that is complimented with jerky and dark fruit…..

When I take my first sip I’m hit with a blueberry beginning that leads into flavors of black-tea and blackberries. The mid-palate is raspberries, black pepper, and dark chocolate —— > The wine finishes with a Maduro cigar kick and a silky tannic structure that hangs onnnnnnnnnnn until my next drink….

With a wine like this, I can guarantee the Vintner who left Theo hanging high and dry in 2012 is kicking himself in the ass!!!! Guys, this thing is rocking and serves as a true representation of what Theo has been able to do in her small vineyard… I’m in love with the Yorkville Highlands AVA right now and this bad boy DOES NOT disappoint!

2015 Theopolis Vineyards “Petite Sirah” Yorkville Highlands CA


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