Beat it, Luke

In the glass, this Cab out of Columbia valley WA shows a plumb purple hue most of the way through that gives way to garnet edges….

The nose is loaded with deep black fruit, vanilla, and a touch of cocoa….

The wine has a sharp, bing-cherry start that leads into a mid-palate of blueberries and black cherries ———> Along on the journey with the blue and black fruit, grippy tannins and a touch of vanilla show up and kind of fall into a finish of……… well, nothing. There’s a bit of chocolate there in the end but other than that, the finish on this guy kinda falls off a cliff……

I understand that this is a $20 WA Cab but in all honesty folks, it’s not even worth that….. There are some gulpable aspects to this wine but with the absent ending, I can show you some waaaaaaay better reds for the money……

2015 Wines By Luke “Cabernet Sauvignon” Columbia Valley WA

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