Bring me the Carini!

Andy and Shawnee Carini founded Carini Wines in 2000. A force to be reckoned with, when it comes to the winery – the Carini duo DOES IT ALL….. From trucking the fruit to making the vino to bottling and hand selling their brand, Carini Wines IS Andy and Shawnee and THAT IS IT! As if their wine project didn’t keep them busy enough, the Carini’s also have 5 kiddos in the mix. Carini Wines are made using low tech, natural methods where nothing is added and nothing is taken away from the grapes ———> These wines are a true expression of a sense of time and place.

In the glass, this Grenache made from 103 year old vines out of the Santa Clara Valley shows a bright red cherry center with a garnet halo….

The nose on this damn thing is rediculous! There is an overwhelming punch of raspberry perfume and jammy thumb-print cookies….. I can’t get my nose out of the glass….

When I give the wine a taste, I’m hit with a cranberry beginning with notes of bing cherry and strawberry. The mid-palate is full of chutney, red liquourice, and raspberry black tea……. HOLY COW ———> This wine has me floored before I even get to the finish…. The ending on this Grenache shows silky smooth tannins with a baking spice note that hangs on for everrrrrrrrrrr………

Guys, I love Grenache and while I’ve had some really nice expressions of the grape; I cannot remember one better one than this…. Carini is firing on all cylinders with this wine and I AM IN LOVE! Andy and Shawnee don’t make much of this stuff so get it together and order some for yourself NOW!!!!! You can thank me later….

2013 Carini “Grenache” Santa Clara Valley CA

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