Desert wine

In the glass, this Syrah out of Arizona (you heard that correctly, AZ Syrah…) shows an electric purple center with translucent edges…

When I get my nose in the glass I’m floored by a bouquet of violet flowers with cranberries and a lemon zest note…

When I give this desert 🏜🏜🏜 wine a taste, there’s a really nice – rich mouthfeel with amazing structure and ZERO flab!!! The blueberries up front lead to sweet pipe tobacco and puréed strawberries ———-> A chew and a swish open up the mid-palate into blackberries and refreshing orange peel… The ending is rich and smooth as hell with thin tannins that beg for another sip…

Damn y’all… When I popped the cork on this thing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m fanatical when it comes to Syrah and THIS is one of the better structured domestic expressions of the grape that I’ve had in quite some time! There is a richness here without the flab that makes this wine hard to put down. Don’t take my word for it, get some for yourself to see what I’m talking about!!!!

2015 Aridus “Syrah” Cochise AZ

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