All in on Halcon

Alright, alright, alright……… After getting into my first Halcon wine just a couple of months ago, I can’t tell you how excited I am to dig into this 100% Estate Syrah. The Esquisto GMS blend was SO DAMN GOOD that my expectations for a single variety offering from these guys is set SKY HIGH y’all…. I am 🙏 it doesn’t disappoint…

In the glass, this Yorkville Highlands Syrah has a dark purple middle with blueberry edges and a garnet halo…

A sniff brings out fresh herbs with black licorice and black fruit ——> There is a good amount of earthiness upfront and when I get my nose in the glass a second time I’m hit by the concentrated fruit that I expected out of a Syrah… So far, SO GOOD….

A taste begins with red raspberries and blackberries that lead into a blueberry mid-palate with a kick of dried sage. The finish on this guy takes a riper turn with a touch of bing cherry acid and salinity before a peppery, grippy ending that hangs on my tongue for a whiiiile…….

ANNNNNNND…. Halcon is 2 for 2 folks!!! This Syrah is DELICIOUS in so many ways… A taste of this stuff took my palate on a roller coaster ride of earthiness, gaminess, dark fruit, bright fruit, and knock-out spiciness… This Syrah BEGS for a BIG meaty dish but did just fine on its own ——–> I’m officially ALL IN on Halcon y’all!!!

2016 Halcon “Alturas Estate Syrah” Yorkville Highlands CA

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