I can’t hear you…

In the glass, this Willamette Pinot shows a single translucent purple note all of the way through ——-> You could read a book through this thing…

On the nose there is a quick burst of black cherries, rose petal, and raspberries…

The palate has a bing cherry start that fades into citrus and bright raspberry. The mid-palate is watered down dark fruit and the finish opens up for a millisecond into pureed cranberries before it falls off into the abyss….

Okie dokie folks, here’s the deal with this wine… I love most of the Pinots that I’ve tasted from Cardwell Hill but this one —— not so much…

Don’t get me wrong, there ARE some pleasant aspects of this gal. Unfortunately, all of the pleasantries are so damn subtle and muted that I just couldn’t get into her….

Love Gamay? You’ll prolly find something you like out of this……

Not a fan of Gamay? Me either……

2016 Caldwell Hill Cellars “Fender Blue Estate Pinot Noir” Willamette Valley OR


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