Mmmm K

In the glass, this Walla Walla Syrah has a dark purple center with ruby edges…

When I take a sniff, I’m hit over the head with a nice floral note that fades into sweet pipe tobacco with a slight herbaceousness…

My first sip is MOUTH-COATING ——–> It is rich, silky, and satiny and DAMNIT if I’m not ALL IN… 👌👌👌 When I finally get over the wine’s seductive mouthfeel and get down to tasting, this guy starts with blackberry jam before heading to a mid-palate of blueberries and more of that sweet tobacco that I got on the nose. The finish is LOOONG with a a black pepper kick and chewy tannins…

Guys, this wine is an ABSOLUTE MUST for all of you Syrah lovers out there! I still can’t get over the ridiculous mouthfeel on this thing… At around $30 bucks, if you can find some of this BUY IT UP! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

2013 K Vintners “Milbrandt Syrah” Walla Walla WA

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