Yay for Moncayo

In the glass, this Spanish Garnacha has a DARK purple center that fades into dark magenta edges….

The nose on this lil guy is strait up blackberry oak ———-> The tartness from the blackberries and sweetness of the oak create a sort of harmony that I just can’t stop sniffing….

My first sip is an onslaught of black cherries…. A chew and a swish open the wine up with a smoky, raspberry / cranberry mid-palate. The finish is loooong with mild tannins and a spicy peppery kick that hangs on….

Alright guys…. Pound for pound, THIS is one of the better values on the market today! You can find this sucker out in the wild for just under $30 bucks which is about $30 bucks LESS than what it SHOULD cost ———–> Just STUPID on every level. If you find some, buy them all.

2013 Alto Moncayo “Veraton Garnacha” Campo de Borja Spain


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