A lil bit of everything

In the glass, this Monterey Chard shows a BRIGHT golden center with straw edges and a translucent halo…

When I get my nose in the glass, it is RICH tropical fruit GALORE ———> Another sniff brings out an oaky note highlighted by peaches that make my mouth water…

The start on this wine is more of the tropical fruit explosion that I got on the nose… When I chew this guy a bit, the mid-palate is filled with nectarines and pineapples. The finish is BALANCED as hell as it finds a way to combine brightness and weight to perfection. There is definitely some oak, but also a green apple tart and lemon zest thing that leaves my mouth begging for another drink….

This little Chardonnay is refreshing, tropical, bright, and has just the right amount of balancing oak to hold it all together… If y’all are looking for a summertime white that has it all, hit up Big Sur Vineyards!!!

Big Sur Vineyards “2015 Chardonnay” Monterey CA


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