Not so petite Sirah

Remember that ridiculously good Grenache that I tasted a few weeks ago from Carini??? Well, today I’m gonna pop the cork on their Petite Sirah ———> Cool thing about this wine is that it’s 20% of that Grenache and 80% Petite Sirah…

In the glass, this wine out of the Sierra Foothills is DARK… Its got a dark-black center that lightens into dark brick edges…

The nose starts with a blackberry and cedar fusion ———-> Another sniff brings out dried flower notes with anise and a lemon zest thing that brightens it a bit…

A taste begins with black cherries, dark plum, and just a touch of cranberry acid… When I suck some air over the wine I find raspberries and cocoa on the mid-palate with some black pepper spice… The finish is LOADED with anise and has sticky tannins that hang out on my tongue for a whiiiiile…

GOODNESS GRACIOUS y’all, Carini has done it again!!! While it’s a TOTALLY different wine than the Grenache I gushed over, this Petite Sirah is EVERY BIT as DELICIOUS… Don’t worry about pairing this beast with food, it’ll drink lights out after dinner on its own!

2013 Carini “Petite Sirah” Sierra Foothills CA

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