Old man strength

In the glass this Napa Merlot has a DARK black-purple center with bricking edges and a translucent halo…

The nose bursts with red roses, perfume, dried black fruit, and a lemon zest kick ———-> DAMN this thing smells nice! Truth be told, on a 9 year old Merlot I was expecting some tired raisiny stuff when I took my first whiff but NOPE… This old man still has some fight in him yet! 💪🏼🍷💪🏼🍷💪🏼

The mouthfeel on this guy is velvety, coating, and carries the perfect weight… With a blueberry start, the wine has a mid-palate full of raspberries, blackberries, and vanilla oak ———–> The finish is short with a quick and sweet cigar smoke punch that fades into the abyss…

This old man was like $20 bucks and for that price point – it’s a BUY!!!! The finish might be a little quick but the nose is ABSURD and the rest of the palate experience is SOLID as well… Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE MERLOT!?!?


2009 Materra “Merlot” Napa Valley CA

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