Lovin’ Lodi

In the glass – this Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Mourvèdre blend shows an electric purple center with rosy edges and a translucent halo…

A sniff of this beauty out of Lodi smacks me with sweet oak, raspberry purée, and cocoa…

A taste has a bright cranberry start that leads into a cherry cola thing that I DIG —-> The mid-palate is loaded with notes of blackberry and wood tip cigar and the ending is looooong with more of the sweet oak that I got on the nose and grippy but not drying tannins… The complexity on this guy is ABSURD and there is just enough weight to keep all of the notes in sync and not throw the wines’ flavor profile out of whack ———–> VERY NICE!

If I haven’t convinced y’all to familiarize yourselves with Markus Wine Co yet, you’re missing out! These wines are pretty RIDICULOUS and are taking the entire region of Lodi to the next level… Did I mention that ALL orders ship for a FLAT RATE of only $15 bucks REGARDLESS of quantity and destination!?!?!?

2015 Markus Wine Co “Sol” Lodi CA


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