Watching like a Haak

This Sta Rita Hills Pinot has a light-brick center with pink rose edges and a transparent halo…

The nose is BRIGHT and loaded with cranberries, raspberries and boysenberries ———> Another sniff adds a lil spiciness to the profile with a peppery note….

My first taste has a bing cherry start that takes a swan dive into a pool of blueberries and black cherries ———> The mid-palate is straight-up raspberry jam and the finish has a sort of green-apple tart thing goin’ on with balanced acidity and a looooooong citrusy finish…

Guys, here is ANOTHER Home Run Pinot by Bonaccorsi Wine Co…. My mind is BLOWN as this Kessler-Haak bottling kinda has it all ——-> There’s nice acidity, blue and black fruit, and even some citrus to bring it all together… If you’re a Cali Pinot lover than you will LOVE this wine!!!!

2015 Bonaccorsi Wine Co “Kessler-Haak Pinot Noir” Sta Rita Hills CA

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