Funky Frederic

In the glass this GSM from the Languedoc has a dark-plum center with garnet edges and a pink halo…

A sniff punches me in the face with barnyard funk…….. AND I LOVE IT!!! Another smell uncovers some allspice and a forrest floor mushroom note…. I’m diggin’ the earthiness on this guy!!!

A taste starts with RICH bing cherries and red raspberries. A chew and a swish take the mid-palate into cow pasture and a savory gamy thing ———–> This wine is sooo dirty yet sooo DELICIOUS… The finish is loaded with blueberry-anise and firm tannins that leave me craving another sip…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m OBSESSED with the reds coming out of the Languedoc region of France. Pound for pound, these are some of the best bang for your buck Frenchies on the market and at just under $15 bucks – this one from Domaine Frederic Brouca is NO EXCEPTION!!!!

2015 Domaine Frederic Brouca “Champs Pentus GSM” Languedoc FR

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