Don’t hate the Slate!

In the glass, this Spanish Carignane/Grenache blend has a purple grape center with pink heart edges and an orange halo….

The nose is LOADED with fresh picked blackberries and blueberry preserves ————> Another sniff releases a really cool mesquite smokiness that I AM INTO!!!

A taste of the wine starts with raspberry jam that quickly turns into perfumey dark cherries and bbq smoke ———–> The mid-palate unleashes a bit of spice with notes of black pepper and anise while the wine finishes long and oaky with cottony tannins and blue fruit that hangs on my tongue for daaaaaaaaaaaays….

Y’all looking for a medium bodied, summertime red that combines a KILLER richness with some smokiness and dark fruit!?!?!? Look no further than this lil Spanish gem made by the great Joan Sangenis!!! 👀🍷🔥🍷🔥🍷👀

2015 Mas d’En Compte “Black Slate” Priorat Spain

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