Hey Jann!

In the glass, this Lake County Sauv Blanc has a pale-straw center with lemony edges and a thick transparent halo…

The nose is CLEAN ——–> There are harmonizing notes of lemon zest, banana, honeysuckle, and a kind of cherry limeade thing that keeps me coming back for another sniff! Damn Jann!!!!

This puppy surprised the heck out of me with its AWESOME —-> COATING mouth-feel…. There are green-apples up front that broaden out into pears and nectarines ———> The mid-palate gets a lil weighty with a punch of vanilla and preaches&cream before the finish reverts back to a clean brightness of lemon and lime zest….

Jann Forth is one of the nicest, most generous people that you will ever meet in the wine business! The good news is that she’s an easy person to support as her wines are RIDICULOUS on OH-SO many levels… This Sauv Blanc is no exception with its ability to add weightiness to nice acidity and still maintain balance!!! You’ve done it again Jann!

2017 Forth Vineyards “Sauvignon Blanc” Lake County CA


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