NSOhhhh so good

Y’all remember the Viognier by Dusty Nabor Wines that I gushed over a couple months ago??? Well ——–> Dusty’s also got a second label called NSO Wine (No Special Occasion)…. He keeps this one priced at under $20 bucks so everyone can enjoy it as a daily-drinker…. Enough small-talk, let’s POP and POUR!

In the glass, this Paso Cab Sauv blend has a dark purple core with bright garnet edges and a light bricking halo….

A sniff is met by dusty oak (no pun intended…..) and red raspberries ———> When I get my nose in the glass again there’s a black cherry & anise combo that has my mouth watering….

This bad boy has a satiny-smooth mouthfeel that coats my tongue without causing fatigue. The wine starts with bright cranberries and blueberries before heading into a mid-palate of blackberries and cherry cola ———> The finish is looooong with sweet oak and more of the black cherries that I got on the nose…. The tannic structure on this guy is just about PERFECT as it keeps me engaged without cramming 35 cotton balls in my mouth….

Guys, if Dusty can pull off a wine this serious for under $20 bucks; there is NO LIMIT to what he’s capable of as a winemaker…. If this guy is not already on your radar, you are missing out!!!

2016 NSO Wines “Cabernet Sauvignon Blend” Paso Robles CA


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