Tropical Symphony

In the glass, this Yorkville Highlands Muscat and Grenache Gris blend has a SUPER-LIGHT straw center with WIDE transparent edges…. The subtlety on this wine’s color is soft and beautiful…

My first sniff of this little number is LOADED with tropical fruit ———–> After a short break, I get my nose back into the glass and find myself surrounded by honey, nectarine, honeysuckle, orange zest, and pineapple notes…. There is just so much goin’ on with the nose on this thing…. I could go on and on here…. Just ————> HOLY WOW….

When I take a drink, the wine has a bright, lemony start that takes a somersault into mandarin oranges and mangos… The mid-palate is LOADED with fresh picked peaches and kiwifruit while the finish is zesty with a limey punch that hangs onto my palate until my next drink….

Summer is winding down y’all and this wine should be in your glass until it ends!!! I’m loving all of the tropical fruit & bright acidity on the palate here and and DON’T GET ME STARTED on the nose… I could sniff this thing all day long!!!

2016 Theopolis Vineyards “Symphony” Yorkville Highlands CA

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