Gone fishin’

In the glass, this Napa Cab has a black-purple center with bricking edges and a translucent halo…

When I take a sniff, I’m hit with a barrage of black fruit and red currant notes with just a touch of black licorice spice ———> Another smell offers up maduro cigar smoke and with that, I think I’m in love…. The sheer depth of the nose on this guy is RIDICULOUS….

After a 45 minute decant, a pour and a taste has a DARK black-cherry start with a quick acid shot that finds its’ way into a mid-palate of blackberries and dried herbs —————> The cottony tannins on the mouthfeel hold onto my tongue in the middle and hang on through a looooong ending of blueberries with raspberry black tea…. Did I mention that, I think I’m in love???

Holy smokes y’all…. Let me preface by acknowledging that I drink ALOT of Cab…. Some suck, some are okay, and a few kick ass…. This second label by Round Pond is a classic example of the latter as it hits on all of the notes that make the variety GREAT!!! This thing drinks like an $80 bottle of wine so at under $40 bucks – FIND IT AND BUY IT… ALL!!!!!

2015 Round Pond “Kith & Kin Cabernet Sauvignon” Napa Valley CA


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