4 tons too many

Bart Hansen started his career in the wine industry as a summer job. During this time, Hansen was tasked to deliver 5 ton loads of grapes, down a mountain, in a 1 ton truck…. The math just doesn’t seem to add up on this one ———> Can you say, WHITE KNUCKLE DRIVING????

Luckily, Bart survived these early years and eventually moved on to gain further experience through his time working at Kenwood, Benziger, and Lasseter Vineyards before starting Dane Cellars (named after his newborn son) in 2007….

This Sonoma Grenache has a BEAUTIFUL purple center that starts to brown outward until rusty edges give way to a rosey-pink halo….

A sniff on this lil number brings out a LOAD of red rose, white lilac, and fruity iris flowers ——-> When I close my eyes, I find myself standing in the cooler of a damn flower shop…. I cannot get my nose out of the glass long enough to give this thing a taste….

When I finally get to tasting, I’m hit with a velvety mouthfeel of red-raspberries and puréed strawberry jam ——–> Smooth tannins show up on the mid-palate and bring dark chocolate covered cherries to the palate before the wine finds a mid-length ending of anise and cola….

Holy WOW y’all, this is a STUPID GOOD Grenache… The palate aspects on this wine are on point and the nose is TO DIE FOR!!!! If you’re a a fellow Grenache glutton, you’ve got to give this gem a try!

2014 Dane Cellars “Justi Creek Vineyard Grenache” Sonoma CA


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