Make love AND Warr

In the glass, this Washington Cab Sauv has a plummy-purple center with red-grape edges and a halo of dark red roses….

The nose SCREAMS dehydrated game with a masculine note of peppered jerky ——–> Another sniff adds some fruit to the experience with ripe raspberries and blackberries before a touch of heat from the 15% abv….

This sucker starts out with a VIVACIOUS mouthfeel of deep black cherries and tart cranberries. The mid-palate goes all vanilla and dusty oak on me before the finish brings out sharp tannins with dark chocolate and anise notes that stick around for a whiiiiile….

If y’all haven’t had fruit out of the Red Mountain AVA of Washington yet, I seriously pity you ——–> This lil Cab from Warr-King Wines is an AWESOME expression of what kind of quality is coming out of the area…. At like $35 bucks, you need AT LEAST 3 of these in your cellar IMMEDIATELY!!!!

2014 Warr-King “Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon” Woodinville WA

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