You’re my boy, Blue

In the glass, this Paso Syrah has a blueish-purple center with electric edges and a burgundy halo….

The nose on this sucker is a mosh-pit of blueberry purée, bacon grease and white pepper spice ————-> My first sniff is dominated by the blue fruit and bacon and a revisit punches me in the gut with that peppery spice….

When I give this guy a taste, I’m hit with more of the blueberry purée that I got on the nose along with a fist full of boysenberries ———-> The mid-palate takes an eventful turn with a spoonful of of strawberry yogurt topped by salted almonds and the ending is lively and fresh with bright acidity and a short cranberry vanilla finish….

For a guy who’s made his name in high-end guitars, Gary Kramer is putting out some DAMN FINE wines y’all…. If you’ve got my affinity to Paso Syrah than you have to give this one a shot!

2015 Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars “Syrah” Paso Robles CA

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