A little off course

In the glass, this Santa Barbara Pinot has a super-light cranberry center with pink edges and a wide translucent halo….

The nose is LOADED with black cherries, raspberries, and orange zest ——-> When I revisit with another sniff there is a really sexy perfume spice note that has me on the edge of my seat….

A swirl and a sip starts sloooooow as there isn’t a whole lot on the front-end…. A chew and a swish bring out some bright cherry and black tea notes with a mid-palate of zesty fruit and red currant ——–> The finish is bright with FRESH cranberries and pomegranates…. Just when I’m ready for a little linger, the ending disappoints a bit as it’s short and kinda fall off a cliff…

I LOVE BONACCORSI PINOTS! Unfortunately, this Pence Vineyards offering lacks a lil on the finish…. The nose is ON POINT and the mid-palate is SOLID but there’s just not much on the end ——–> Not bad, just not as good as the rest….

2014 Bonaccorsi Wine Co “Pence Vineyards Pinot Noir” Santa Barbara CA


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