In the glass, this Paso Merlot has a dark, inky center with electric purple edges. From the looks of it, I’d swear this thing was a damned Syrah….

The nose is TIGHT with tart black-fruit, cocoa, and some spicy alcohol heat….

A taste is led by black cherries and blueberries that move into a raisiny, raspberry cola mid-palate ——> The finish has a cottony mouthfeel with notes of milk chocolate, copper from a fist full of pennies, and more of the alcohol heat that I got on the nose….

This is a Merlot that acts like a big ass Syrah….. If it weren’t so hot, I’d be more in tune to it…. It burns though, so I’m not.

2015 The Fableist Wine Co. “Merlot” Paso Robles CA

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