Long in the tooth

In the glass, this Mourvèdre out of Paso has a blueish-purple core with bricking edges and a translucent halo….

A sniff smacks me across the face with raisins, plum, wet oak, and just a pinch of white pepper spice….

This lil guy starts out with fresh bing cherry and cranberry acidity before heading into something a bit over-the-hill ——–> The mid-palate is dried red raspberries and a box of Sun-Maid raisins…. Just when I’ve started to give up hope, the ending kinda springs back to life with a mid-length blueberry and clove finish…

I should have popped this Mourved 3 years ago as there is NO denying that it has passed its’ prime… That said, there are a number of things to admire on this resilient little sucker….

2012 Burbank Ranch “Summer Storm Mourvèdre” Paso Robles CA

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