2nd Label Lady

In the glass, this Syrah dominant blend out of Columbia Valley has a thick deep-purple center with cranberry edges and an uneven pink halo….

GOODNIGHT…. The nose on this thing is BEAUTIFUL ———-> A sniff is loaded with black fruit and cranberry purée…. When I revisit, there’s a burnt oak, cedar box, and citrus spice ménage a trois to keep things interesting….

The palate starts with raspberries, blueberries, and a bright cherry pie kick…. The mid-palate goes woody with more of the cedar and oak that I got on the nose before the ending takes a U-turn into vanilla and mocha that leads into a loooong acai smoothie ending…

I’m pretty sure I picked up this second label blend from Lady Hill Winery for just under $20 bucks and for that price, I need a case…. Go pick some up and you can thank me later!

2014 Ad Lucem “Elaina Red” Columbia Valley WA


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