Heels down

In the glass, this Mourvèdre based blend has a grape purple center with bright pink edges that bleed beautifully….

A sniff is LOADED with cedar sawdust, raspberry perfume, and some blueberry preserves ———> The nose on this lil guy is RIDICULOUS!!!!!

My first sip has a black cherry start that quickly heads toward a strawberry patch and more of the cedar wood that I got on the nose…. The mid-palate switches it up a bit with a touch of cola and a blackberry kick before a blue fruit and anise finish that hangs on for a bit and begs for another taste….

Guys, every damn wine I’ve had from The Withers Winery has knocked my socks off…. They are already getting GREAT press and the wines are priced WAY UNDER what they’re worth…. For in the $30’s, this Mourved blend is no exception——-> ssssssshhhhhhhhhh………. 🤫🤫🤫🤫

2015 The Withers Winery “Ruben” El Dorado CA


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