Everybody must get stoned

In the glass, this Walla Walla Syrah has a dark purple center with bricking edges and a translucent halo….

A sniff unleashes a black cherry and raspberry front that takes a back seat to bacon grease and bon fire smoke…. Another visit shows a nose of straight-up gamey meat and I. Am. In. Love….

On the palate there’s a red raspberry and blue fruit start that leads into a tart cherry mid-palate before more of the damn bacon grease that I got on the nose takes center stage ———-> This sexy lil number finishes with a savory and spicy duo of black olives with a white Pepper kick that hangs onnnnnnnnnnnnnn…….

Red fruit, blue fruit, bacon grease, bon-fire smoke, and gamey meat ———> I’m in LOVE y’all!!!!

2014 Saviah Cellars “The Stones Speak Syrah” Walla Walla WA


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