Manual labor

In the glass, this eclectic blend from some of CA’s more “off the beaten path” vineyards has a plum-purple core with dark pink edges and a white rose halo

A sniff starts out a lil tight before the wine begins to open a bit into black cherries, red licorice, and wet lumber…. Once this baby decides to take a step out from behind the curtain, it’s really quite nice!!!

A taste has a BRIGHT cranberry-apple start that quickly blasts itself into lemony blue fruit and more of the red licorice that I got on the nose ———-> The mid-palate is a fist full of bing cherries before a puckering finish of raspberry acid and strawberry tartness….

Folk Machine is another label by Hobo Wine Co…. It’s an obscure blend of varieties from a number of growing sites and I must say, for another under $20 offering – it’ll do just fine as a weeknight drinker!!!

2016 Folk Machine “Parts & Labor” CA

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